Paul Dwyer would like to share with you an important business strategy, and that is one of using a Booking System for Re-Booking your clients.

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A re booking system is about when a person has finished using your services. It’s in an educational, caring, and nuturing way, talking about a time in the future when they should be coming back and seeing you. At that moment, making a commitment between the two of you of re-booking them in.

You can think of many ways and many times that using a booking system and re-booking your clients can serve your clients best interests.

Consider a person who is in the fitness industry, or consider a person who is in the health industry, or a person who is in the beauty industry. It’s important to have regular contact with your clients.

How are they going to stay in shape, keep in good health or maintain their beauty regime if they aren’t coming in to see you regularly? The Fitness trainer might say to a client, “You need to be coming in for training three times a week”. He needs to use his booking system to re-book his client for their next appointment, because if he doesn’t, that client might get busy, or have other commitments. If they aren’t committed and haven’t re-booked in there is a high probability they aren’t going to come back again.

So it’s in the clients best interest that you take care of them and commit them to coming back again by using your booking system to re-book them. From the client perspective you are showing that you really care about them and from a business perspective you retain a client who will become loyal to you and your business. It is also helpful in business to know that you have scheduled appointments in the future and your business will continue its success.

You will be doing your client and yourself a great service by using the booking system and re-booking your clients strategy.

If you haven’t got a booking system in place, I suggest you take the time to create and implement one in to your business.