Testimonials are critical for your business. Why? Because they are a third party endorsement. Here are some tips for using Testimonials For Business.

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So often we see signs on the highway or billboards and they are great. That is one way of telling people of a new product or promotion.

The thing that can be very valuable, and possibly the turning point for people to decide to use your product or service, is to get that third party endorsement, the testimonial. Why? Because often they are people just like you and I. And if a person says, hey this product is great, it carries far more weight than seeing it on a sign on the highway.

What needs to be included in a Testimonial?

Paul Dwyer, from 97  Business Secrets reveals some things that you’ll want to include in a testimonial. If you are giving a testimonial:

1.    Your name and where you are from
2.    Your Product, Service or Business
3.    The name and Business name of the service provider, store or person that provided you the product or service
4.    What did they provide you with, be specific
5.    What was the results of the product or service. Be specific. Tell what it was like before the introduction of the product and what the improvements were after the use of the product.
6.    What was the timeframe from the introduction of the product, to the noticeable results achieved.
7.    Your endorsement, would you recomment others to use the product or service provided by this business.

Now if you are receiving a Testimonials For Business from someone you provided a product or service for, ask them if they would include the above points in their testimonial for you.

What types of Testimonials are best?

There are three main types of testimonials.

1.    Written testimonial. These are the most common because they are easy to make and deliver.

2.    Audio testimonial. These can be simply recorded on an MP3 player or similar, downloaded on to your hard drive and sent as an email attachment.

3.    Video Testimonial. These can be recorded on a cellphone, digital camera in video mode, video camera and so on. They are a little more complicated to put in to a useable format. If you are getting the testimonial, use your own video and capture the testimonial while your client is there. You can then format it in your own time.

The most valuable testimonial format is the Video Testimonial. Future clients and prospects will be able to see the person who is giving the testimonial.

This adds far more weight than a written or audio testimonial. The other benefits of a video testimonial is that you can strip the audio, you now
have an audio testimonial. You can also transcribe the testimonial and you now have a written testimonial. So you have covered all three types just from getting the video testimonial at the outset.

So take a video testimonial as your first option.

Secondly get an audio testimonial and your third option is to get a written testimonial.