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“From Confusion to CLARITY………….Does your business also have these hurdles?

How are your business results going at the moment?

Do you feel like you have so many distractions in your life…….. so many interests competing for your time?

Do you feel like you don’t spend enough time on your health or fitness?

Do you feel like you don’t spend enough time with your family or loved ones?

Do you feel like you don’t spend enough time working on your business or personal wealth?

When people own a rental property, they may get a certain income per year. What if they keep all that money and never re-invest any of the income? What if they never re-paint the property or put in new carpet or do simple repairs for their investment property? Well, it’s obvious, the property will become run down and less valuable.

So too with a business, how are you re-investing any of your time or money into future benefits, appreciation or enhancement for yourself, your business and your clients? How are you re-investing your time at the moment? Can you take a moment and think about it?

What are some of the best strategies for taking care of your business? There is so much uncertainty in the media and general community, often when there are so many challenges, people tend to do nothing or sit on the sideline. Here in lays the opportunity. Because many people are “sitting it out” (your competitors) there are huge opportunities to follow up. Does this seem true? Somewhere inside you, you know there are major opportunities at the moment.

When was the last time you set aside time to discover new opportunities?

When was the last time you re-connected with yourself and your business?

When was the last time you had focus and clarity for your given activities?

Focus that lead to new clients, more frequent sales, longer lifetime clients, faster buying time and increased sales?

When was the last time you sat down and asked questions like these: (please take a moment to reflect)

1.       Why did I get into business?

2.       How did I get all my clients in the beginning?

3.       What are the things I most enjoy about my business?

4.       What are the things I don’t enjoy about my business?

5.       What challenges am I facing in my business?

6.       What obstacles or barriers are blocking me at the moment?

7. What new ways have I discovered to create income for my business in the last 2 years?

8.       Where do I want to be 90 days from now?

9. What position do I want to be in Christmas 2010, when I’m sitting down to enjoy a meal?

10.   What position does my business want to be in at Christmas 2010?

We are conducting a workshop 12 October 2010 to discuss 1 topic “Clarity for your business”. To clear out, wipe away, empty out the things that are not giving you the maximum return.

We believe you already know what needs to be done. You have the answers inside you. It’s just a matter of setting aside some time to re-connect with yourself and your business. Just as an investor re-invests some of their profits into their rental property; this night is about re-investing some of your time and energy into your business.

By the end of this workshop, you will have clarity to gain the momentum needed for immediate impact in your business life and to take your power back!

About the Business Workshop:

1. The workshop will be tailored for you and your business

2.       You are encouraged to give a brief description of your business via email before you attend

3. You are encouraged to ask your most challenging questions or greatest obstacles before the event via email

4.       You are encouraged to discuss the most exciting ideas you currently have for your business

5. The evening will be interactive with other audience members sharing their success in the attempt to discover multiple    ways of success for each participant

6.       There will be elements of core strategy for long term growth

7. There will be real world, real life tactics to be taken away to create immediate impact the next day

8.       We will look at what you are doing well now, and seek ways to improve it

9. We will look for what you are not doing now, and create an action plan for implementation

We have seen first hand strategies that are working well for business and strategies not working well. We have seen what used to work, not working now and also how to optimise old strategies so they keep creating income.

Your mind is very powerful. When used to its potential, it can achieve great things. This evening is an opportunity to open up your mind to the creativity, imagination and recognition of the profit’s that are in front of you. We would like to share some time with you on Tuesday 12 October to discuss your business. Please ask any preliminary questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you.

Our Promise

We promise to give 100% of our effort at this evening workshop. We promise to give our all and leave nothing on the table. We will share the secrets behind the success of winning businesses. We also promise a 100% money back guarantee to any participant not totally delighted. We insist on giving total refunds with no questions asked if this workshop is not beyond expectations.

The Venue & Time

97 Business Secrets Pty Ltd October 12 Workshop

Date:                             Tuesday 12 October 2010

Time:                             6.00pm

Venue:                          6/24 Windorah St. Stafford, Qld, 4053

Participants:              Limited to 20

Investment:               $220

Enquiry email:

Postal Address:         P.O.Box 1146 Stafford, Qld, 4053


The event is at our business premise 6/24 Windorah St, Stafford, Qld, 4053.  This is just off Stafford Rd near Stafford City Shopping Centre.  The starting time is 6pm.
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Best Regards

Paul Dwyer

97 Business Secrets

Here’s what some people have had to say about the presenter:

Testimonials                                                    97 Business Secrets Pty Ltd

“I am writing to thank you for helping us achieve outstanding results with our business. What really impressed me more than anything was your talking from the heart honesty and dynamic passion to really help us achieve our goals. I am sure that you can help any business from the very small to large corporations achieve remarkable increases in many areas of their company and especially by improving their bottom line profits.” – Bob Allwright, Brilliant Attitude Tasmania

In 2008, Paul took 15 minutes to explain a small part of my business during our regular consultation. I took action and saved over $10 000 this year from one expense! I will save this much money again every year into the future. Adrian Pang, All Type Cabinets. Stafford, Brisbane

“I have known Paul for a number of years. He is a marketing genius. I’m not exaggerating. Give him a few minutes of your time and tell him about your business. Then listen to him. You will not regret it. We have been implementing many of the very effective low cost marketing ideas that have boosted our business to the point that we have doubled our team to cope with the demand. If you want your business to grow and make more money, let Paul work with you.” – Sylvie Watts, Managing Director, Stretch Limited Hong Kong

“If I had not learned what I did from Paul in November 2008 and implemented it immediately, Organising Solutions probably wouldn’t be around today. I’m not exaggerating at all here. At the end of last year, 70% of my corporate training clients put our contracts on hold ‘until the economy recovers.’ This means my primary revenue stream has nearly dried up in the last 3 months. When I could see this coming, I had a chat with Paul, and he helped me quickly and easily create a second revenue stream which has sustained my business. Of course that’s a huge relief, but here’s the kicker – now we are actually growing during a recession because of the model Paul designed.” – Kristin Lowe, Managing Director, Organising Solutions Hong Kong

“Paul has been our trusted advisor for over 5 years. It has been the best trading in our companies 30 year history. I discuss every major business decision with him. We have created a whole new stream of income from one of his ideas that now employs 4 full time staff. This profit has increased the overall value of our business asset”. – Kevin Doneman, Bundaberg

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