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Database Marketing | Tip 1 From 97 Business Secrets

Database Marketing is an important business marketing strategy that is completely under utilised by so many business owners. Without database marketing, businesses are losing out on a huge income earning and customer building potential.


In brief, Database Marketing is creating a list of contacts that can be used to build your business through a variety of strategies. The database should include all current and previous clients, prospects and leads.

The database should be organised in to categories with specific information about each contact. You want their name, email address, phone number, address, male or female, demographic area, interests, previous purchase history or services preferred etc. etc.

Now that you have your database in specific categories, you can target market the exact individual database with your specific offer, product or service. People often get fed up with irrelevant “spammy” information. However, they appreciate being notified of “offers” that are within their area of interest.

So if your database is properly set up you will know exactly which category of contacts to market specific offers to. More importantly, you will know who NOT to send the offers to.

Database Marketing also allows you to maintain and build ongoing relationships with those on your contact lists. Sending them quality information that is “content rich” without a sales pitch is seen as welcoming. Sending an overabundance of “sales pitch” material will have your contacts unsubscribing quicker than you could ever hope to replace them.

So spend time to create a quality Database. Build your relationship with them. Spend time nuturing your database. Those that are your prospects and leads will soon become clients and customers.

There are various systems that are available to help you both create your database and to continue communicating with them until they either join you as a client or unsubscribe. Automated Lead Generation systems will help start a database by capturing the details of visitors to your website. We’ll cover the systems in a future Post.

Paul Dwyer and 97 Business Secrets will provide ongoing marketing strategies to help your business achieve success. Let us know if you have any questions and we will answer them through this Blog.

Contact us for further information or to help you create your Database Marketing system.

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