Differentiation & Education

There are two key ways to reduce “price shopping” or “price negotiation” of your products or services. The first is to differentiate your business. The more differences you can provide your clients with, the less clients can compare your goods or services.

A way to do this is to have different quantities or sizes. Another way is to bundle your products or services into a package. Another is to establish all the benefits and features. It’s about getting away from comparison in unique ways. People buy from you one at a time; we are all individuals. Do you think your clients want to be treated like everyone else anyway?

The other way to reduce your price being a topic in the buyers mind is to educate them. The higher you educate your clients, the less need there is to sell. Secondly, it shows clients are smart enough to make up their own minds. If clients are given all the information, they can make their own decision if the products or services are right for them. This is the mindset of long term business growth with a focus on loyal, high spending, high returning clients.


You can maintain your best possible margins by educating your clients and reducing product comparison. When people are educated, they will get the best product for their needs. Because this product will suit them best, they will have better results and in turn, refer you more business.

Testimonial from last weeks event:

“I found Paul to be very motivated, influential with his information and encouraging towards the group while taking part in the exercises during the presentation.  Paul has a great deal of experience and knowledge in his field and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.  Thanks Paul for everything.”

Donna Ferguson

We have our next event 2 November in Brisbane at 6pm.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Time 6.00pm
Date Tuesday 2nd November 2010
Place 6/24 Windorah St., Stafford QLD
Bring Pen and Positive attitude
Investment $220

Every Success to you and your business.

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