Who is Paul Dwyer and why should I listen to him?

Paul Dwyer is a successful author, businessman and business marketing consultant located in Brisbane, Australia. He is the creator of 97 Business Secrets and the accompanying series of Workbook Manuals.

Paul Dwyer 97 Business Secrets

Paul Dwyer 97 Business Secrets

After a successful selling role with a major International Brand, Paul Dwyer took up an Accounting position with a small Firm to utilize his Accounting Degree. Paul would interact with Clients on the phone and enjoy hearing all about their businesses. From day one he was looking to introduce business marketing strategies to solve their business problems.

Paul found that most clients had challenges with common business events. They had encountered some blockages with their business marketing, so Paul would discuss strategies with the clients to help them get around the obstacles they faced.

Some clients would then have more sales and hire staff for the increased workload. This would lead to communication challenges, so another set of skills had to be learned in practical situations to solve this new problem. Paul was there to work with those clients to establish new solutions and assist with the implementation.

Some clients believed they did not have assets for their retirement, so Paul worked closely with them to strategise how they could set aside time and money to create the life style they wanted upon leaving their business.

Most of the challenges his clients faced led to bigger issues as their businesses grew. As their Accountant, Paul was their trusted advisor to develop practical business marketing strategies, often with little or no budget to solve the issues as they arose.

After 8 years with up to 8 meetings a day at times, Paul Dwyer was able to see many common problems ranging over most industries and disciplines. He then had a person ask him “how can you solve the problems of 10 times as many people as you are now?” and so the path had to be fulfilled to offer awareness for business owners to have a place where their greatest problems, concerns and challenges could be discussed in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Paul chooses to see the best in people. He chooses to see things how they are and the possibility of where they can grow to. Paul Dwyer believes in people because they have believed in him; even before he saw his own potential.

You can learn more About 97 Business Secrets and Paul Dwyer to see the benefits they will bring to your business.

So if you want to really grow your business, get more profits and have more time to do the things you enjoy; then Contact Paul Dwyer now. There are limited positions available to work directly with Paul, so take action quickly.

Every Success To You and Your Business

Paul Dwyer

Business Marketing Consultant Brisbane, Australia

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