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Dear Salon Owner,

We don’t know you; but we know something about you.

When we talk to hair salon owners, what they say is “they want to cut hair or style hair or train staff”. Most “don’t want to be worried about their bank balance or marketing plans”.

Are you one of these hard working people?

Are you often spending your time making your clients look and feel their best?

Are you a person who has a lot of responsibility at your salon?

Do you have to take care of staff?

Do you feel that there is not enough time to do everything that needs to be done?

Do you get much time to work on growing your business?

To talk and follow up with your clients?

To get new enquiry and create new clients?

How is your business marketing for your salon?

How is your relationship with your current clients?

Do your clients gladly purchase products that will make them look and feel a million dollars in between their appointments?

We have found that most salon owners get so busy taking care of their own staff and running their salon, that they have little time left to invest in their own marketing. They continue to “plough along”, working harder and harder.  They actually know what they need to do, but for some reason or another, things get too difficult or there’s a lack of time or not enough of a budget to complete the task.

Does your Salon have any of these problems:

1.      Does not know where to start with their marketing plan?

2.       Not enough money for advertising?

3.      Not enough time to devote to their marketing?

4.       Are too busy cutting hair or training staff to work on the business?

5.       See clients once and never have time to discover why they sometimes don’t come back?

The truth is, that all businesses are different. When someone else discusses a “plan of attack” for your business, it may have worked really well for them because of unique factors available to them, e.g. their location. Or, it may not work at all because it’s an idea that has never been tested in real life.

That’s why we have created our book; “the 97 business secrets for hair salons”. It’s different because it is an accumulation of practical business ideas in one easy to use guide. It presents multiple strategies for your salon and lets you choice which ones will apply to your business.

What is also different about this book is it has an “easy use guide” whereby each strategy has a rating on how important a concept it is, how long it would take to implement the idea and how it can be combined with other strategies for even more powerful results!

In short, it’s a book specifically written for your hair salon. We listened to business owners and created a book written for those looking for immediate impact on their sales, a book that is practical and easy to understand. A book that has creative marketing ideas- some of which cost almost nothing to implement. Our experience is in working with clients with little or no budget. We have therefore had to come up with creative, low cost ways that would make our clients money. Now, all these secrets have been accumulated and published in one condensed format.

This book has over 97 Strategies to specifically work on a different area of your salon. Each strategy can generate thousands upon thousands of dollars for your salon. What is the cost to you if you don’t make this investment? We are not talking about a $1000 or $10000 or $100 000 investment here; we are talking about less than $30. But for $30, what if you add an extra $1000 per month, per fortnight, per week or per day of sales? What if you could take some of these ideas and transform your salon into a cash flow machine!

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The workbook has a 100% money back guarantee. We want YOU to have every advantage in this transaction.

Guarantee Hair Salon Marketing

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We wish you every success for you and your business!