About 97 Business Secrets

Thank You for taking the time to find out more About 97 Business Secrets. We are a company focused on being the highest quality resource for your business to succeed and to make more money.

We believe that the best person to run your business is YOU. You may not know the best business marketing strategies to implement right now, however, our specialty is helping businesses just like yours to realise the maximum potential you can get.

At 97 Business Secrets we believe the person who knows the most about your business is YOU. We believe all the future answers lie within YOU and the most humbling facilitation we can do, is to be the conductor; drawing out of the information inside you right now, to be the inspiration to direct you into the future. Paul Dwyer is a business marketing consultant in Brisbane, Australia who has the expertise to help you grow your business.

We are proud to boast fantastic results for our clients, but it wasn’t always that way. We used to give our advice to clients and really, it just became a “pump up”, a type of motivation. Some people used the advice and others did nothing at all. Some people got fabulous results and others were hit and miss. We would wonder “why are the clients not following through with our marketing plan?” “Why are clients not doing what we discussed in the meeting?”

Then it became clear to us, even though clients paid for our advice and even though the advice was excellent, it was “our advice”, it was “our plan”. So what we did was go about being more curious about our clients business.

We saw ourselves as chief detectives. Our detective role began and ended with asking quality questions. The more quality questions we asked, the more insights the client got on their own! We knew the answers all along, but it was about the client getting the self-discovery to their own future.

From self-discovery came the business marketing strategies that were right for that business owner.

Guess what? This meant they took ownership of the results of their discoveries and more action was taken by them. They were inspired and it took far less effort on their behalf to do what was required.

You see, we have the business marketing strategies that are proven to be successful for any industry specific business. We have the strategies that can take your business from where it is now, and grow to a position that you may never have believed.

At 97 Business Secrets we simply facilitate the resourcefulness you already have. After you discover the direction you want to take for your business, we are there to share the journey with you. Mostly at this stage, business owners need confidence and self-belief to walk the path of their vision or dream.

Paul Dwyer has created a series of Workbook Manuals with strategies that are a starting point for future business activities. The Workbook strategies cover marketing, sales, cost savings and business procedures. While no two businesses are the same, it does form a starting point of discussion and draws upon successful outcomes of past and present clients.

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