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Following Up Leads for your business sounds really simple yet so many businesses do not do it.

How often does a business get an enquiry, a person contact them, a phone call or an email through asking a question? Usually the question is answered but the business does not do anything else.

So often in business it’s about following up leads and following through.

Almost every person that contacts your business is a potential client or customer. They are important as a new lead but also as a possible referral. Every person has a different circle of influence. So think outside the square about how many new clients this prospect can bring to your business.

If you fail to follow up with the lead your business is losing a valuable resource.

What we encourage our clients to do is to follow up all leads and enquiries to their business. Answer the question posed and then ask if there is anything else you can help with. Offer a product or a service that may benefit the caller. If nothing comes of that at least you made the offer of assistance.

We also encourage our clients to follow up periodically with those leads. The important part of the periodic communication is to be educational. Always be offering advice. Ask yourself, how can I serve them better, how can I give them more information that is of value to them.

Statistics show that when following up a new lead, it takes 7 points of contact to convert that lead in to a new client or customer.

Following up leads is to give value to them. Provide them with a value proposition at every point of contact and they will respect you for that. Avoid spamming them and being pushy with your offer.

When a value proposition is compared to a sales pitch, the value proposition will always win.

Always think of following up leads and how you can follow up for your business.